Welcome to the PREMIUM AREA

Subscribe to ALMA tv PREMIUM and get exclusive access to ALMA Edizioni’s two online courses: videocorso for adults and videocorso per RAGAZZI, for teenagers. Each episode of both sitcom series features gradually increasing linguistic complexity, thus allowing students to learn Italian at a stress-free pace while having fun.


Videocorso for adults is a 30-episode series about four Italian friends and their everyday life, jobs, love troubles, free time and petty hiccups. It is divided in three levels (A1, A2 and B1) of 10 episodes each. Available purchasing options include a full all-level package or single levels. 


Videocorso per RAGAZZI for young learners is an 8-episode series about a group of teenagers dealing with life in school, family life, going out with friends and finding out about love and the grown ups’ world. It includes two levels (A1 and A2) that can be purchased as a full package.


Both the videocorso and the videocorso per RAGAZZI are provided with extra grammar videos on each episode’s linguistic items as well as a wide range of additional materials such as interactive exercises, transcripts, grammar charts and teaching resources. Episodes can be watched both with and without Italian subtitles.  


Based on your learning and teaching needs, you can either choose a single user or a multiple users subscription that allows 25, 50 or 100 users to simultaneously watch the videos and get access to additional materials on either multiple devices or a single one (e. g. when episodes are played in the classroom).

Please note that an Internet connection is necessary to watch the videos.