About us

ALMA Edizioni is a leading publisher of materials and course books for teachers and students of Italian as a Second/Foreign Language.
ALMA Edizioni editorial company was founded in 1994 by two Italian teachers who had gained extensive teaching experience in several countries.
Alma publications are widely acknowledged as highly innovative and didactically consistent and aim to make both teaching and learning as a pleasant and rewarding activity.

ALMA Edizioni:

  • sells publications in over 80 countries
  • has a worldwide distribution network
  • provides textbooks to Italian Cultural Institutes all over the world (i. e. 35% of overall adopted textbooks)
  • is the official editorial partner of Società Dante Alighieri
  • is the publisher of Espresso course book, which has totalled over one million sold copies thus far
  • presents a catalogue including 150 publications (course books as wellas supplementary materials) for adults, teen agers and children
  • has formed a partnership with prestigious companies such as Hueber (Germany), RCS (Italy) and Sgel (Spain)